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US title Ferrari - Grand Prix Challenge
Japanese title (kanji)フェラーリ GRAND PRIX CHALLENGE
Títulos alternativosUltimate Speed
Títulos alternativosF1 Hero MD
Release year1992
Publisher/Maker Acclaim / Coconuts / System 3
Ferrari - Grand Prix Challenge this is a port of the Mega Drive Game known as F1 Hero MD,However The North American and European versions of the Mega Drive/Genesis game are known as Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge in honor of the Ferrari brand of racing vehicles. This is a simplified version that allows players to practice up to six laps or qualify for every Formula One race of the season, it uses kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour, the top speed of the vehicle is 220mph or 355kph and turbo is not used. Tire wear is an issue, a radio keeps you in touch with the Pit Chief, who will notify you if pitting is necessary. It was developed by System 3 and published by Acclaim in North America and Europe under the name Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge and under the name Ferrari(フェラーリ?)in Japan by Coconuts. It is one of the few 8-bit Formula One video games to more adequately represent the 1990 Formula One season. Not to be confused with the Japan Famicom Cartridge Game "Nakajima Satoru - F-1 Hero" that is known in North America as "Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix", this is not F-1 Hero, it's F1 Hero MD "Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge"..
Ferrari - Grand Prix Challenge
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