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30 de Outubro de 2014
MasterGear 3.1.2
Eevon [11:54]

Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Now saving Hardware Model, no need to set it every time.
- Each game can have own backdrop. For Game.sms, place it into Game.sms.back.png.
- Now aligning backdrop to the screen bottom, if it is too small.
- Added cheats for 24 more GameGear games.
- Added two Chuck Rock games to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Double Dragon and Eternal Legend to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Defenders of Oasis game to the Cheatopedia.
- Added explanation messages to the Cheat Hunter.
- Added missing string translations.


Speccy/Speccy Deluxe 3.3.1
Eevon [11:53]

ZX Spectrum emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Improved audio quality, no more clicks and scratching.
- Key clicks in Sinclair BASIC sound normal now.
- Rendering beeper sound separately from melodic channels.
- Made sure rendered sound does not fall behind the audio playback.
- Now killing zombie processes left by some activities.
- Now aligning backdrop to the screen bottom, if it is too small.
- Removed unused and outdated code, resources and bitmaps.
- Fixed default settings initialization.
- Added missing string translations.


SuperGNES/SuperGNES Lite 29-10-2014
Eevon [11:42]

Super Nintendo emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Corrected sound loss when changing apps on affected devices.
- Fixed cheat codes disappearing when reloading.
- Minor improvements to stability.


29 de Outubro de 2014
ePSXe for Android 1.9.24
Eevon [13:46]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Fixed X86 native arch in some devices with Android 4.4 (thanks to James Leaver);
- Fixes to gamepad skins (thank to Javier ~ JZX1673).


Stella 4.2
Eevon [13:44]

Atari 2600 emulator for Windows has been updated. Changes:
- Text input from non-US keyboard layouts is now supported. Note that all text in Stella is still ASCII-only, but at least it can now be entered using a native layout.
- Related to the text input changes, the debugger Alt-combo shortcuts have been changed; they now use the same key but with Control instead of Alt (Control-F for frame advance, etc).
- Controllers are now detected dynamically by Stella. This means that you can plug/unplug joysticks/paddles/etc while Stella is running, and they will be added and removed automatically. Also fixed is a bug whereby sometimes custom joystick mappings weren't being saved.
- The 'cpurandom' option is now broken down by register type, so you can selectively enable/disable randomization for each one. The default is to disable randomization for all registers.
- Fixed 'MDM' scheme to trigger bankswitching on writes to hotspots (previously it only triggered on reads). Also, the scheme has been modified as originally designed by E. Blink; hotspots are now in the range $800-$BFF instead of $800-$FFF.
- The OSX app-icon now includes 32x32 and 16x16 versions, so 'small' icons will be viewable in 'Finder', 'Get Info', etc.
- The Linux port now uses an app-icon; this seems to be needed for some window managers.

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27 de Outubro de 2014
ePSXe for Android 1.9.23
Eevon [14:14]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. No changes info available.


My NES 6.1.2
Eevon [14:12]

NES emulator has been updated. Changes:
- Added: Support for these mappers: # 41 and 42;
- Added: High quality downsampler for audio output. Now My Nes sounds better;
- Added: Options in Audio options allow to change sound channels playback enable;
- Added: Ability to show boards/mappers status with My Nes via the new Boards List dialog;
- Added: New option in input settings, allows to switch back to keyboard mapping for a device when mapped device disconnected;
- Fixed: mappers # 23, 24, 26 and 90;
- Fixed: MMC 5 (mapper 5) external sound channels;
- Fixed: Interrupts issue, branches was delaying nmi and irq instead of irq alone. some games are now playable (Dragon Quest III is one of them);
- Fixed: Bug in Inputs settings, never save device selection for joypad1;
- Fixed: Bug with inputs when trying to play in fullscreen sometimes inputs disconnected;
- Fixed: Soft reset for internal sound channels;
- Fixed: Bugs in few mappers;
- Improved: external sound channels of mapper 19 (Namco 163), still choppy but works;
- Improved: Few things in the video renderer such as 'cursor now it hides when entering fullscreen mode';
- Improved: Input settings when trying to set mapping for all buttons sometimes the same mapping assigned to more than one button.

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Eevon [14:07]

NES emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- reduced memory consumption on startup;
- fixed padded ROM files that wouldn't load.


26 de Outubro de 2014
RetroArchPSP r1
Eevon [14:25]

First version of multisystem emulator RetroArch for Sony PSP has been released. Currently it emulates following systems: GB, GBC, GBA, NES, TG16, MSX1, MSX2.

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FB Alpha
Eevon [14:16]

Multiarcade emulator has been updated recently. Changes:
- A quick bug-fix release. This one fixes an issue with the UI translation templates - hence the quick turn-around.
- Oh, and Zero Team is also playable - enjoy!

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John GBC/Lite/John NES/Lite 2.62
Eevon [14:14]

NES emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- fixed layout settings bug.


iNES 4.2.1
Eevon [14:13]

NES emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Fixed graphics in Final Fantasy 3 and other MMC3 games with built-in VRAM.
- Added automated game recognition in Cheatopedia.
- Fixed broken Cheatopedia entries.
- Added Dragon Warrior cheats to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Dragon Warrior 2 cheats to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Final Fantasy 2 cheats to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Final Fantasy 3 cheats to the Cheatopedia.


ePSXe for Android 1.9.22
Eevon [14:11]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- IMPORTANT: memcards in HLE mode are unstable yet (use savestates or a official ps1 bios).
- Fixed a bug saving memcards in HLE mode.
- Memcards in HLE mode are saved to individual memcard files by game.


24 de Outubro de 2014
ePSXe for Android 1.9.21
Eevon [21:57]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Added experimental HLE Bios emulation. Important: Savestates are NOT compatile with savestates done with an official ps1 bios (namespace is different). It is recommend to increase accuracy and compatibility to use an official ps1 bios.
- Added a new vibration mode to tablets with integrated gamepad buttons;
- Added a new option to get memcards by game instead of shared;
- Fixed SBI files load when it is "patches" folder;
- Fixed Vanark freeze;
- Fixed Tomba 2 background music.


23 de Outubro de 2014
FB Alpha
Eevon [14:34]

Multiarcade emulator has been updated recently. Changes:
- There are lots of fixes and improvements, but the headline addition is the Konami work done by iq_132. As well as lot's of fixes there are lots of new Konami drivers including Asterix, Bishi Bashi, Dragonball Z, G.I. Joe, Lethal Enforcers, Mystic Warriors, Shaolins Road, Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, Yie-Ar Kung Fu and Xexex. Older Konami games have also been improved, particularly with regards to sprite drawing and shadow support.

iq_132 also ported the Raiden 2/Raiden DX driver now that the games are working in MAME. He also ported the NMK004 improvements, and along with work by dink, NMK16 games are greatly improved.

We also have some new core features, such as auto-fire, configurable system keys (pause, fast forward, etc.), support for Nebula format Alpha Blending Files (.bld) and loads more.

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