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US title Megaman VI
Japanese titleRockman 6 - Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!!
Japanese title (kanji)ロックマン6~史上最大の戦い!!~
Títulos alternativosRockman 7
Release year1993
Publisher/Maker Capcom
Megaman VI In 20XX, the first annual Robot Masters Tournament was held featuring robots from all over the world. Near the conclusion of the tournament, Mr. X, the tournament's mysterious sponsor, announced the entire event had been a ruse for him to gain control of the world's most powerful robots. Using this new army of Robot Masters (Blizzard Man, Oil Man, Wind Man, Plant Man, Tomahawk Man, Yamato Man, Knight Man, and Centaur Man), Mr. X launched an offensive to take over the world. Only Mega Man can stop him! This time, his robotic dog companion Rush has been modified to form the Power Suit (which allows Mega Man to punch through certain walls) and the Jet Suit (which allows him to fly a short distance).
Megaman VI Megaman VI Megaman VI Megaman VI Megaman VI Megaman VI
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