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Japanese titleDouble Moon Densetsu
Japanese title (kanji)ダブルムーン伝説
Títulos alternativosThe Legend of Double Moon
Release year1992
Publisher/Maker Kadokawa Shoten / NCS
GêneroRole Playing Game
Mostrar todas imagens From the very start you encounter enemies that can and will kill you, Right at the beginning of the game, and that tribulation of difficulty continues through most of the game even in later parts when you think you are leveled up it's is never enough for the Double Moon. it takes some getting use to and don't write it off as a normal Dragon Warrior Clone, it's not. You pick what class of warrior to play from the start if you play as a character who has magic like the Paladin when on the world map your magic regenerates as you walk but this doesn't work for caves or dungeons, and you don't learn magic from leveling up later on you buy spells in tomes and have to use them as items to learn the spell depending on your characters class, like Final Fantasy. A very unique RPG to say the least.
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Japanese titleToki no Tabibito
Japanese title (kanji)時空の旅人
Publisher/Maker Kadokawa Shoten / Kemco
Mostrar todas imagens Desculpe, mas ainda não há descrição para esse jogo.
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