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Goomba Color (http://www.dwedit.org/gba/goombacolor.php)
Оперативна Система: GBA
Версия: 03-31-2008
Дата: 16 Септември 2008
Размер: 153 Kb
Файл: Свалени
Very good GameBoy Color emulator for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. It has good game compatibility and speed. Emulator supports save states.
Goomba Paletted (http://kuwanger.net/gba/goomba/)
Оперативна Система: GBA
Версия: 2.40
Дата: 26 Януари 2011
Размер: 998 Kb
Файл: Свалени
Nice GameBoy/GameBoy Color emulator for GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS. This version support color palletes and custom borders for GameBoy games.


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