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Site is in the archive mode. All roms were deleted from the server.

amaZiNc (www.pbernert.com)
Оперативна Система: Windows
Версия: 1.0.1
Дата: 7 Ноември 2004
Размер: 20 Kb
Файл: Свалени
Frontend for ZiNc emulator.
ZeNith (http://www.sovmax.narod.ru/)
Оперативна Система: Windows
Дата: 17 Септември 2007
Размер: 824 Kb
Файл: Свалени
ZeNith is a graphical frontend for the Japanese arcades emulator ZiNc. ZiNc is an emulator for arcade video games based on Sony PlayStation hardware. Among them are Atlus PSX, Taito FX-1a/1b, PS Arcade 95, Namco System 10/11/12, Konami System GV, Tecmo TPS, Sony ZN-1/2. These games are also supported in MAME, but ZiNc can frequently run them faster and with graphics and sound enhancements. ZiNc version 1.1 supports 71 games, among them are known series Street Fighter EX, Tekken, Soul Edge and other. Official web site of ZiNc emulator http://www.emuhype.com.
ZeNith frontend makes it possible to tune the parameters of sound, video and controls, to check integrity of romsets, to start games, etc. ZeNith supports English, Russian and Chinese (Taiwan) user interface. ZeNith archive included all files what you need to use ZiNc among them files of others developers:
- ZiNc OpenGL and Direct3D renderers 1.2 © Pete Bernert & Lewpy
- P.E.Op.S. Software renderer 1.17 © P.E.Op.S. Team
- Winterblast's input plug-in 1.6 © Winterblast
- System 11 Player version 03.03.06 © R. Belmont
Оперативна Система: Windows
Версия: 1.5
Дата: 11 Ноември 2004
Размер: 15 Kb
Файл: Свалени
Frontend for ZiNc emulator.
ZincFE (http://www.aldostools.org/frontends.html)
Оперативна Система: Windows
Версия: 2.2
Дата: 6 Юли 2007
Размер: 114 Kb
Файл: Свалени
ZiNcFE - good front-end for ZiNc from Aldo. It allows to change different ZiNc's options and to choose desired game from dropdown menu. Containes key and joypad configurator for winterblast's Zinc Controller and controller itself.
ZiNcGUI (http://dafreak.ngemu.com)
Оперативна Система: Windows
Версия: 1.9.5
Дата: 9 Ноември 2004
Размер: 661 Kb
Файл: Свалени
ZiNcGUI - another advanced front-end for ZiNc. It has nice interface with list of available roms. Each rom has a screenshot. ZiNcGUI checks all roms to comply with lates dat file, allows to change ZiNc's options and to store unique settings for every game. Contains key and joypad configurator for winterblast's Zinc Controller and controller itself.


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