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Американски заглавия Black Bass USA, The
Японски заглавияBlack Bass 2, The
Japanese title (kanji)ザ・ブラックバスⅡ
Година на издаване1988
Издател/Автор Hot-B
Black Bass USA, The In The Black Bass, you'll enter a bass fishing tournament with 99 other professional anglers at four different lakes. Move your boat to any location on the lake until you find one of its "sweet spots" for bass, then cast your lure and maneuver it just right to attract that elusive lunker. Choose between a variety of lure types and colors to suit your fishing style, and finish the day with a high average bass weight to advance to the next round. This was the first game in the Black Bass series to be released in North America, and was actually titled "The Black Bass 2" in Japan.
Black Bass USA, The Black Bass USA, The Black Bass USA, The
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