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Американски заглавия Track & Field II
Японски заглавияKonamic Sports in Seoul
Japanese title (kanji)コナミックスポーツ イン ソウル
Година на издаване1988
Издател/Автор Konami
Track & Field II The world's greatest athletes have gathered for the grandest sporting spectacle since the golden age of Greece. Surviving is a matter of sweat and concentration in Taekwondo, pole vaulting, canoeing, skeet shooting, hammer throwing, high diving, archery, hurdles, gymnastics, hand gliding, pistol firing, arm wrestling, fencing, triple jumping and swimming. And as long as you win, you're the crowd's favorite. But lose, and you might as well turn in your jockstrap and joystick. Featuring simultaneous play for 2 players or play against the computer. [1989 Konami pamphlet]
Track & Field II Track & Field II Track & Field II Track & Field II Track & Field II
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