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Американски заглавия Judgement Silversword - Rebirth Edition
Japanese title (kanji)ジャッジメントシルバーソード
Година на издаване2004
Издател/Автор Qute / M-KAI
Без скрийншот
Judgment Silversword is a fan-created homage to Treasure's Radiant Silvergun. The vertically scrolling shooter features three difficulty modes and 30 different areas to fly through. Players man a spaceship and fight off wave after wave of alien attackers, dodging countless shots (the game can push more than 100 particles on screen), and using the craft's shield to neutralize bullets and destroy enemies. The ship has two shots, a standard forward laser made up of six blasts and a spread shot that creates 10 blasts in a cone-shaped pattern.
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