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Американски заглавия Donkey Kong Arcade
Европейски заглавияDonkey Kong Arcade
Японски заглавияドンキーコング
Japanese title (kanji)donki kongy
Година на издаване1981
Издател/Автор Nintendo
Donkey Kong Arcade Gorilla, kidnapped by Mario Princess, sits on top of the platform facilities and throws Mario barrels. Three levels: on the first two you just want to climb up, and the third - derail design, which got a gorilla. Next, the levels are sequentially and infinitely repeated with a gradual increase in complexity. The game is immeasurable cult. The very first platformer from Nintendo, the first phenomenon of the world of characters such as Mario and Donkey Kong, the first use of the classic story scheme for old video games save the girl from trouble.
Donkey Kong Arcade
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