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Американски заглавия Menace Beach
Японски заглавияMiss Peach World 1: Super LA Cop
Japanese title (kanji)ミスピーチワールド 1:スーパーLAコップ
Алтернативни заглавияSunday Funday
Алтернативни заглавияFree Fall
Алтернативни заглавияFish Fall
Година на издаване1990
Издател/Автор Color Dreams / Wisdom Tree / Hacker International
ЖанрMultigame Collection
Menace Beach In Menace Beach, your girlfriend has been kidnapped by Devil Dan and it's up to you to rescue her! You'll run into ninjas and other various foes along the way who want to ensure you never reach your destination. After the developer, Color Dreams, changed its name to Wisdom Tree and began producing unlicensed Christian-themed video games, Menace Beach was retooled into Sunday Funday. The enemies were changed (new bosses include a fat lady and an Elvis impersonator) and the plot was altered so that now, instead of rescuing your increasingly scantily clad girlfriend, you're trying to make it to church.
Menace Beach Menace Beach Menace Beach Menace Beach
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