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Американски заглавия Top Gear 3000
Японски заглавияPlanet's Champ TG3000, The
Japanese title (kanji)プラネットチャンプ TG3000
Година на издаване1994
Издател/Автор Kemco / Gremlin
Top Gear 3000 Top Gear 3000 is now a planetary race game. Planets are probably fictional and located millions of miles from Earth. Upgrades are unlocked with game progress. Speeds are so high they can overtake a spaceship. Only weather conditions are given before the races. Instead of refueling, players have to drive over blue strip to recharge battery. Red strip repairs car. For Super NES & Super FamiCom.
Top Gear 3000 Top Gear 3000 Top Gear 3000 Top Gear 3000
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