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JAP TitelHourai Gakuen no Bouken! - Tenkousei Scramble
Japanese title (kanji)蓬莱学園の冒険!転校生スクランブル
Ähnliche TitelAdventures of Hourai High School
Publisher/Vertrieb J-Wing
GenreRole Playing Game
This is a rather silly RPG about an exchange student. Example: during the introduction sequence it is revealed that his flight is running late, so in order to make sure that he´s on time for the opening ceremonies at the school, the stewardess pushes him out of the plane with a faulty parachute. Hourai features plenty of penguins, wacky clubs, and crazy school hijinks. It also features a class system similar to FF5´s, or so I hear - you join clubs, and as you rank higher in the clubs you gain more abilities.
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