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US Titel Harvest Moon
JAP TitelBokujou Monogatari
Japanese title (kanji)牧場物語
Publisher/Vertrieb Natsume / Amccus / Pack-in-Video
Alle Screenshots anzeigen Welcome to the world of Harvest Moon. Jack (default farmer`s name) is left behind to take care of the ranch while his parents take a journey. As Jack you will have to take over the ranch and make it as profitable as posible, you decide how much you should work. Take total control of your new life and work hard to expand your ranch, buying livestock, planting seeds, marrying and even taking care of your own child. Feel free to choose your own path.
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JAP TitelMonstania
Japanese title (kanji)モンスタニア
Publisher/Vertrieb Amccus / Bits / Pack-in-Video
GenreRole Playing Game
Alle Screenshots anzeigen Leider existiert noch keine Beschreibung für dieses Spiel.
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