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31 January 2015
MESS 0.158
Eevon [00:46]

The Win32 port of MESS has been updated. Full list of changes is available here.

File: Download
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MameUI 0.158
Eevon [00:46]

The GUI version of MAME was updated in sync with usual MAME release.

File: Download
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MasterGear 3.1.9
Eevon [00:38]

Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Fixed Lollipop crashes by switching back to android-19 API.
- Switched to the Material Design theme on all platforms.
- Added "up" buttons to all title bars.
- Updated all icons to the newest Lollipop versions.
- Retired some icons, replacing them with better fitting ones.
- Revised all menus, making them work uniformly.
- Removed application name from all title bars, to save space.
- Now defaulting to the "light UI" mode.
- GBA link now redirects to VGBAnext.

News source:

29 January 2015
MAME 0.158
F1ReB4LL [01:07]

Added most of the recent WIPs: Pop'n Music 3, NBA Jam Extreme, Final Fight Revenge work now; improved emulation of other games with 315-5838 and 317-0029 chips.

File: Download

28 January 2015
ePSXe 1.9.25
Eevon [18:42]

Sony Playstation emulator for Windows has been updated. Main changes:
- Added HLE bios support (an official PS1 is recommend yet). From this version ePSXe can run games without an official PS1 bios. Compatibility is lower and memcards support limited.
VERY IMPORTANT: Savestates done with a official PS1 bios are NOT compatible with savestates done with ePSXe HLE bios (Besides it uses a different namespace).
- Fixed multi-bin format in Windows version (redump format). Now it supports the games saved in multiple bins files + cue file directly.
- Better SBI subchannel support (for example in Medievil) and fixed SBI in games with ECM format. Added SBI support in MDS/MDF format.
- Added support to save memcards by game. Enabling this option it will create 2 memcards by everygame in memcards/games/ folder, using the serial of the game. In multidisc games, it will share the same memcards by all of discs
- Fixes to the CD-Rom decoder and the core which made almost 20 more games playable or working better like. For example this fixed: Arcade Party Pak: Rampage now works, Crash Bash: Pause menu now works, Final Fantasy V, Junclassic C.C. & Rope club, Kamen Rider v3, Minakatakudou Toujyou, NHL Face Off 2001, Nishijin Pachinko Tengoku Vol.3, Omizu no Hanamichi, Sentient (-i), Simple 1500 Series Vol.006 - The Hanafuda [Rerelease], Standby Say You, Tombi, Tombi 2, Twins Story - Kimi ni Tsutaetakute, Vanark: Pause menu now works, Worms Armageddon, Yuukyuu no Eden - The Eternal Eden, Yeh Yeh Tennis
- New experimental dmachaincore that maybe can fix some graphic glitches in some games like Tomb Raider Chronicles or Metal Gear Solid. Usage execute epsxe.exe -dmachaincore

File: Download
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27 January 2015
iNES 4.2.7
Eevon [12:33]

NES emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Added three Adventures Of Lolo games to the Cheatopedia.
- Added two Battletoads games to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Castlevania and Castlevania 3 to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Air Fortress to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Airwolf to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Arkanoid '98 to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Boulder Dash to the Cheatopedia.

News source:

ePSXe for Android 1.9.26
Eevon [12:31]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Fixed Saga Frontier 2, Driver 1&2.
- Several fixes to memcards in bios HLE mode: Suikoden 2, ff9, Harvest Moon.
- Change memcards by game mode, to use just the same memcards for different discs in the same game.
- Added a new gamelist mode (grid covers) preference+game browsermode+game list.
- Added an experimental accelerometer control.
- GPU: Blaster Master - Blasting Again.
- OpenGL Plugin: Updated to V6 (fixed top/bottom bars.
- Updated Russian translation.

News source:

John GBC/Lite/John NES/Lite 2.66
Eevon [12:25]

NES emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- fixed bugs for Android 5.0.x.

News source:
News source:
News source:
News source:

MD.emu/NEO.emu/NGP.emu/MSX.emu/NES.emu/GBC.emu/PCE.emu/2600.emu/GBA.emu 1.5.26
Eevon [12:23]

Robert Broglia updated his emulators for Android. Changes:
- Added Prescale 2x effect, gives sharp edges at any zoom level without turning off linear filter;
- Improved shader effect compatibility with some older GPUs;
- Fixed some text input issues.

News source:

UAE Wii 12
Eevon [12:20]

Commodore Amiga emulator for Nintendo Wii has been updated. Changes:
- Added background image in the GUI;
- Added sound in the GUI;
- Horizontally scrolling menu;
- More readable fonts in the GUI;
- Added autofire (configurable from virtual Keyboard);
- Added vsync option;
- Moved Rumble option in wiimote menu;
- Changed the refresh rate option;
- Shorter bootstrap;
- Fixed file attributes in virtual filesystem emulation;
- Other bug fixes.

File: Download
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MedGui Reborn 0.051
Eevon [12:13]

Frontend for Mendafen emulator has been updated. Changes:
- Changed "Resize Columns" option in "Resize Columns and Grid" (now you can resize the main form to the width of the columns).
- Added a check to prevent errors when a resource or folder not be determined.
- Updated No-Intro database
- Update Mednafen - Server to v0.52 (thanks to doru2 for compiled it).

File: Download
News source:

Eevon [12:09]

ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows has been updated. Changes:
- major sound improvements (added oversampling for AY8910, fixed common sound mixer, fixed AY mixer & generator, etc);
- fix AY8910 mixer & noise;
- minor sync stability improvements;
- minor fix for the emulation loop;
- fix support for 100 Hz displays;
- fix Sprinter ULA and Memory device compatibility;
- change plugins lookup to load assemblies from plugins.config;
- add GDB server debugger;
- a lot of code refactoring.

File: Download
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mGBA 0.1.1
Eevon [12:06]

Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator for Windows/OS X has been updated. Changes:
- a lot of bugfixes.

File: Download
News source:

24 January 2015
Gameboy Color A.D. 5.5
Eevon [23:19]

Nintendo GameBoy/GameBoy Color emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Minor fixes;
- Fixed search.

News source:

22 January 2015
My Boy!/My Boy! Free 1.6.2
Eevon [13:25]

GameBoy Advance emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- [core] Fixed a timing issue in link cable emulation.
- [core] Fixed a DMA issue for a certain game.
- Make the settings screen multi pane on large-screen devices.
- Changed to new notification icons (which fixes the startup crash on CM11).
- Fixed sometimes menu disappears immediately after showing up in immersive mode.

News source:
News source:

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