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24 October 2014
ePSXe for Android 1.9.21
Eevon [21:57]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Added experimental HLE Bios emulation. Important: Savestates are NOT compatile with savestates done with an official ps1 bios (namespace is different). It is recommend to increase accuracy and compatibility to use an official ps1 bios.
- Added a new vibration mode to tablets with integrated gamepad buttons;
- Added a new option to get memcards by game instead of shared;
- Fixed SBI files load when it is "patches" folder;
- Fixed Vanark freeze;
- Fixed Tomba 2 background music.

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23 October 2014
FB Alpha
Eevon [14:34]

Multiarcade emulator has been updated recently. Changes:
- There are lots of fixes and improvements, but the headline addition is the Konami work done by iq_132. As well as lot's of fixes there are lots of new Konami drivers including Asterix, Bishi Bashi, Dragonball Z, G.I. Joe, Lethal Enforcers, Mystic Warriors, Shaolins Road, Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, Yie-Ar Kung Fu and Xexex. Older Konami games have also been improved, particularly with regards to sprite drawing and shadow support.

iq_132 also ported the Raiden 2/Raiden DX driver now that the games are working in MAME. He also ported the NMK004 improvements, and along with work by dink, NMK16 games are greatly improved.

We also have some new core features, such as auto-fire, configurable system keys (pause, fast forward, etc.), support for Nebula format Alpha Blending Files (.bld) and loads more.

File: Download
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English translation patch for Lagrange Point (NES)
Eevon [14:29]

AGTP translation group released an English translation patch for Lagrange Point (NES).

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21 October 2014
VGB 4.4.1
Eevon [15:29]

Nintendo GameBoy/GameBoy Color emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Fixed sprites-over-window display to avoid hiding sprites.
- Fixed corrupted Super GameBoy backdrop on startup.
- Made LYC IRQ happen instantly when LYC set to the current scanline.
- Made GameBoy model setting persistent. No need to set it every time.
- Set model back to "Automatic" if you are having problems.
- Fixed invisible pieces in Tetris Blast.
- Fixed boxer's face in the Boxing intro sequence.
- Fixed opponent's image in George Foreman's Boxing.

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19 October 2014
BGB 1.5
Eevon [13:18]

One of the best GameBoy/GameBoy Color emulators has been updated. Changes:
- AVI writer;
- Greatly improved efficiency (about 10-30% faster, depending on the system);
- Improved accuracy;
- Improved sound quality;
- Lower audio latency;
- Preview screenshots in select state window;
- Improvements to debugger, including selectable RGBDS or WLA assembler syntax, "ld d,d" debug messages, and editing the palette in the vram viewer;
- Fixed a large number of bugs, including "alt+F4 loads state", and "timing in LSDJ is unstable".

File: Download
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FPse for android 0.11.150
Eevon [13:13]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. Изменения:
- Fix for some CPUS.

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John GBC/Lite/John NES/Lite 2.61
Eevon [13:12]

NES emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- added "Gameboy settings";
Gameboy palette;
Show Super GB borders.

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Emu Loader 7.7.1
Eevon [13:08]

One of the best МАМЕ frontends - Emu Loader - has been updated. Changes:
- Proper grayscale icons on disabled menu items (experimental).
- Tweaks in uMain.RunProcess() function reverted back to ANSI strings since all games are executed using game names... and they don't use Unicode... it was a pointless optimization anyway.
- Added 'DirectSound' in Sound Method for SDLMAME / SDLUME (MAME Settings screen).

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17 October 2014
MameUI 0.155
Eevon [18:42]

The GUI version of MAME was updated in sync with usual MAME release.

File: Download
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MESS 0.155
Eevon [18:42]

The Win32 port of MESS has been updated. Full list of changes is available in emulator's help file.

File: Download
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VGBA 4.6.2
Eevon [18:05]

Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Fixed serious bug with 32bit memory access timings (were completely wrong on ARM).
- Fixed Wario Land 4 hangup after jumping onto the blue frog.
- Fixed Metroid Fusion hangup during intro sequence.
- Players with different Pokemon games can connect over NetPlay now.
- MULS/MLAS instructions no longer change C/V flags.

News source:

FPse for android 0.11.149
Eevon [18:02]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. Изменения:
- Fixed support of Forcefeedback for external pads;
- Fixed game Starwars Dark Forces for Software modes;
- Fixed CPU Usage when FPse is pushed to background;
- Improved GPU software emulation, much less missing/flicking polygons;
- Improved Speed of Soft and HD Soft video mode;
- Improved video for low end, Middle and High end devices;
- Improved Kitkat Immersive mode support;
- Added auto recognition of Bios file and auto load if found in storages.

News source:

ColEm/ColEm Deluxe 3.2.2
Eevon [17:58]

ColecoVision emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Added RAM-based cheats with AAAA in 0x6000..0x63FF range.
- Added Cheat Hunter tool that lets you search for cheat codes.
- Invoke the new tool using "Cheats | Cheat Hunter" menu.
- Removed unused and outdated code, resources and bitmaps.
- Fixed default settings initialization.

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Nintendulator 0.975 beta (13-10-2014)
Eevon [17:55]

NES emulator has been updated. No changes info available.

File: Download
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16 October 2014
MAME 0.155
F1ReB4LL [04:10]

Raiden 2, Raiden DX, New Zero Team work now; improved emulation of Sega Model 3; improved sound emulation in games with NMK004 chip; Konami Twinkle h/w games partially work now (no sound).

File: Download
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