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19 October 2014
BGB 1.5
Eevon [13:18]

One of the best GameBoy/GameBoy Color emulators has been updated. Changes:
- AVI writer;
- Greatly improved efficiency (about 10-30% faster, depending on the system);
- Improved accuracy;
- Improved sound quality;
- Lower audio latency;
- Preview screenshots in select state window;
- Improvements to debugger, including selectable RGBDS or WLA assembler syntax, "ld d,d" debug messages, and editing the palette in the vram viewer;
- Fixed a large number of bugs, including "alt+F4 loads state", and "timing in LSDJ is unstable".

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FPse for android 0.11.150
Eevon [13:13]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. Изменения:
- Fix for some CPUS.

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John GBC/Lite/John NES/Lite 2.61
Eevon [13:12]

NES emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- added "Gameboy settings";
Gameboy palette;
Show Super GB borders.

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Emu Loader 7.7.1
Eevon [13:08]

One of the best МАМЕ frontends - Emu Loader - has been updated. Changes:
- Proper grayscale icons on disabled menu items (experimental).
- Tweaks in uMain.RunProcess() function reverted back to ANSI strings since all games are executed using game names... and they don't use Unicode... it was a pointless optimization anyway.
- Added 'DirectSound' in Sound Method for SDLMAME / SDLUME (MAME Settings screen).

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17 October 2014
MameUI 0.155
Eevon [18:42]

The GUI version of MAME was updated in sync with usual MAME release.

File: Download
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MESS 0.155
Eevon [18:42]

The Win32 port of MESS has been updated. Full list of changes is available in emulator's help file.

File: Download
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VGBA 4.6.2
Eevon [18:05]

Nintendo GameBoy Advance emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Fixed serious bug with 32bit memory access timings (were completely wrong on ARM).
- Fixed Wario Land 4 hangup after jumping onto the blue frog.
- Fixed Metroid Fusion hangup during intro sequence.
- Players with different Pokemon games can connect over NetPlay now.
- MULS/MLAS instructions no longer change C/V flags.

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FPse for android 0.11.149
Eevon [18:02]

Sony Playstation emulator for Android has been updated. Изменения:
- Fixed support of Forcefeedback for external pads;
- Fixed game Starwars Dark Forces for Software modes;
- Fixed CPU Usage when FPse is pushed to background;
- Improved GPU software emulation, much less missing/flicking polygons;
- Improved Speed of Soft and HD Soft video mode;
- Improved video for low end, Middle and High end devices;
- Improved Kitkat Immersive mode support;
- Added auto recognition of Bios file and auto load if found in storages.

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ColEm/ColEm Deluxe 3.2.2
Eevon [17:58]

ColecoVision emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Added RAM-based cheats with AAAA in 0x6000..0x63FF range.
- Added Cheat Hunter tool that lets you search for cheat codes.
- Invoke the new tool using "Cheats | Cheat Hunter" menu.
- Removed unused and outdated code, resources and bitmaps.
- Fixed default settings initialization.

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Nintendulator 0.975 beta (13-10-2014)
Eevon [17:55]

NES emulator has been updated. No changes info available.

File: Download
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16 October 2014
MAME 0.155
F1ReB4LL [04:10]

Raiden 2, Raiden DX, New Zero Team work now; improved emulation of Sega Model 3; improved sound emulation in games with NMK004 chip; Konami Twinkle h/w games partially work now (no sound).

File: Download
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14 October 2014
MasterGear 3.1.0
Eevon [12:33]

Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- Added Cheat Hunter tool for searching Action Replay cheats.
- Added cheats for 13 more GameGear games.
- Fixed cheats parsing, adding wrong cheats no longer possible.
- Fixed saving .CHT files from the emulator (was saving them GZIPped).
- Added three Bart Simpson games to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Battleship and Buster Fight to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Baseball'91 and Batter Up to the Cheatopedia.
- Added Beavis And Butthead and Berlin Wall to the Cheatopedia.

News source:

13 October 2014
blargSnes 1.1
Eevon [14:15]

Super Nintendo emulator for Nintendo 3DS has been updated. Changes:
- No more garbled/blank screens or freezes when pressing Home or closing/reopening the 3DS or playing with the 3D slider
- Ability to run a new game without restarting blargSnes
- Screenshot function
- Support for external borders
- Support for backgrounds with 16x16 tiles. Super Bomberman games are finally playable.
- Brightness, color math (blending) and windows added. Many games look nicer this way.
- Several PPU speedups
- Speedhacking disabled (it was error-prone, not that efficient, and broke HDMA)
- Replaced forced 1/2 frameskip with automatic frameskipper (isn't perfect, though)
- More stable display (although tearing still occurs when frameskipping), VSync
- More things I forgot about. Surprise!

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Virtual Jaguar 2.1.2
Eevon [14:07]

Atari Jaguar emulator has been updated. Changes:
- Bugfix for catastrophic failure in Controller config dialog. Thanks to ggn for reporting this! [Shamus]
- Added controller profiles. What this means is that if you left your gamepad behind and/or have a different one, VJ will let you create a controller config for the new controller without destroying the old one. This also means that if you have *no* controllers, you can still play VJ with the keyboard. [Shamus]
- Fixed a few problems with the DSP a timing; as a result, the sound in Rayman and the FACTS demo is correct now. [Shamus]
- Removed toolbar from full screen mode. [Shamus]
- Added analog inputs to gamepad support. [Shamus]
- Fixed 6MB cartridge space access limitation. 6MB carts should work now. [Shamus]
- Fixed problem with JERRY interrupts corrupting the M68K core. [Shamus]

File: Download
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iNES 4.2
Eevon [13:46]

NES emulator for Android has been updated. Changes:
- The Cheat Hunter lets you create your own Action Replay cheats.
- Choose "Cheats | Cheat Hunter | Add Watch" and enter the value to search for.
- Select how the value changes and the new value to set (like 99).
- Play the game until watched value changes.
- Choose "Cheats | Cheat Hunter | Scan for Changes" to find changed memory locations.
- Repeat previous two steps a few times.
- Choose "Cheats | Cheat Hunter | Create Cheats" to add found Action Replay codes.
- Enjoy your very own cheats!

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