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Download - Plugins for various Emulators - PlayStation 2
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GSdx (
OS: Windows
Version: 0.1.14
Date: 13 January 2009
Size: 2098 Kb
File: Download
Downloads: 45743
GPU plugin for Sony Playstation 2 emulators.
LilyPad (
OS: Windows
Version: 0.9.11
Date: 17 March 2009
Size: 33 Kb
File: Download
Downloads: 8715
Pad plugin for Sony Playstation 2 emulators. Keyboards/Mice/DirectInput/XInput devices are all supported. It supports multiple devices of all types, and devices of different types can be mixed and matched. Sensitivity can be adjusted. Force feedback is supported. Multiple keys/buttons/axes can be bound to the same PS2 button, and one key/button/axis can be bound to multiple PS2 buttons. Keys can be mapped to the analog sticks. Axes can be mapped to buttons. Pressure sensitive buttons and other single-direction axes (Like foot peddles) are also supported.
MegaPad (
OS: Windows
Version: 2.0.0 beta
Date: 26 March 2009
Size: 47 Kb
File: Download
Downloads: 4256
PAD plugin for Sony Playstation 2 emulators.
PCSX2 plugins pack (
OS: Windows
Version: 10-08-2010
Date: 10 August 2010
Size: 736 Kb
File: Download
Downloads: 18270
Plugins pack for Sony Playstation 2 emulator.
SPU2-X (
OS: Windows
Version: 1.1
Date: 26 February 2009
Size: 233 Kb
File: Download
Downloads: 5947
Sound plugin for Sony Playstation 2 emulators.
Pokopom (
OS: Windows
Version: r127
Date: 1 April 2013
Size: 48 Kb
File: Download
Downloads: 7146
Pokopom is a PSEmu Pro pad plugin that emulates a DualShock1 and DualShock2
controller for PS1 and PS2 emulators respectively. It only uses XInput, so as
to avoid the DirectInput troubles with X360 controllers.

It currently has only some basic configuration dialog, and defaults to use
the first and second XInput controllers as pad1 and pad2 respectively.

The plugin supports rumble with a nice custom curve, and has extended analog
stick range to cover the 'square' on PSX's controllers.


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