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US title Tetris (Tengen)
Japanese titleTetris
Japanese title (kanji)テトリス
Alternate titlesTetris II
Release year1988
Publisher/Maker Tengen / Atari / Atari Games
GenreLogic game
Tetris (Tengen) This unlicensed version of Tetris features the same iconic gameplay you expect, but offers several features absent from the more well-known Nintendo-produced NES cartridge, including the ability to play a side-by-side game versus the computer or a human player, or a simultaneous co-op game (again, with the computer or a friend). This game was only on the shelves for four weeks before a lawsuit by Nintendo forced Tengen to remove the game from sale and destroy all remaining copies.
Tetris (Tengen) Tetris (Tengen) Tetris (Tengen) Tetris (Tengen) Tetris (Tengen) Tetris (Tengen)
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