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Game name
Size, Kb
Jabato I & II
52 Kb
Jabato, El
56 Kb
Jack and the Beanstalk
34 Kb
Jack Nicklaus Golf
326 Kb
Jack the Nipper
49 Kb
Jack the Nipper in Coconut Capers
62 Kb
Jack the Ripper
51 Kb
21 Kb
59 Kb
Jagd auf Roter Oktober
73 Kb
Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash
86 Kb
54 Kb
Jail Break
50 Kb
James Debug - Le Grand Saut
33 Kb
James Debug - Mystere de L'ile Perdue
22 Kb
14 Kb
Jason and the Argonauts
14 Kb
Jatrice Martin
66 Kb
29 Kb
Jaws - Le Dernier Etalon
190 Kb
Jesus Basco's Utilities
44 Kb
Jet 37
9 Kb
Jet Bike Simulator
53 Kb
Jet Boot Jack
11 Kb
Jet Set Willy
20 Kb
Jet Set Willy - The Final Frontier
37 Kb
Jet Set Willy 128
31 Kb
Jetsons, The
114 Kb
Jeu Du Roy, Le
15 Kb
Jewels of Babylon
24 Kb
Jewels of Darkness Pack
110 Kb
Jimmy Business
17 Kb
Jimmy's Soccer Manager
11 Kb
18 Kb
336 Kb
Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge
127 Kb
Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium
20 Kb
Joe Blade
42 Kb
Joe Blade 2
44 Kb
Joe Blade 3
74 Kb
John Elway's Quarterback
23 Kb
Johnny Proot 2
19 Kb
Johnny Reb
10 Kb
Johnny Reb 2
22 Kb
Jonah Barrington's Squash
9 Kb
Jonny Quest
59 Kb
10 Kb
89 Kb
Joyce Utils
29 Kb
Juegodel Ahorcado
6 Kb
23 Kb
Jump Mania
37 Kb
12 Kb
15 Kb
Jungle Book
94 Kb
Jungle Warfare
32 Kb
Jungle Warrior
64 Kb
Jungle Warrior I & II
44 Kb


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