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US title Contra
European TitleProbotector
Japanese title (kanji)魂斗羅(コントラ)
Títulos alternativosGryzor
Títulos alternativosContra 1993
Títulos alternativosSuper Contra II
Release year1988
Publisher/Maker Konami
Contra One of the most popular games around the world. Shooting game with platformer elements. Rescue the humanity from Red Falcon. Game is set in distant future and somewhere in New Zealand. Animations and intermission story screens are cut for US version. Released for US NES as Contra, European NES as Probotector (slightly modified) and FamiCom as Gryzor, but almost illegible - very little English text is included in Japanese release; has intermission screens and animations on stages 1;5 & 8.
Contra Contra Contra Contra Contra Contra Contra Contra
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