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US title Double Dragon II - The Revenge
European TitleDouble Dragon 2 - The Rosetta Blood
Japanese title (kanji)双截龍Ⅱ The Revenge
Release year1989
Publisher/Maker Acclaim / Technos Japan
GêneroBeat'em Up
Double Dragon II - The Revenge in 1900's .... violence ruled the streets of new york city after the nuclear war . even with crime syndicates growing bigger every year , two young men were brave enough to challenge them. while their names were billy and jimmy lee... ...people called them the double dragons! and yet, the dragons had one terrible enemy. to fight against him was the destiny and fate of the double dragons. one day,shadow warriors attacked the city and billy's girlfriend , marian, was killed. the double dragons swore to avenge her death!
Double Dragon II - The Revenge
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