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US title Shatterhand
Japanese titleTokkyuu Shirei - Solbrain
Japanese title (kanji)特救指令ソルブレイン
Títulos alternativosSuper Rescue Solbrain
Títulos alternativosRoboCop 3
Títulos alternativosSpecial Rescue Command Solbrain
Release year1991
Publisher/Maker Jaleco / Natsume
Shatterhand Shatterhand is a product of cybernetics who uses his hands as his main weapon. You will be able to collect additional help from a small Satellite robots by combining different letter blocks. Also there are power up platforms that will cost you coins to use. +, P and L platforms will give Shatterhand restored health, double punching power or give an extra life. "With its great graphics, great music and sound, and great action, we think Shatterhand packs one heck of a punch. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do." Sometimes found on Multi-game carts listed as "RoboCop 3"
Shatterhand Shatterhand Shatterhand Shatterhand Shatterhand
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