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US Titel Action 52
Japanese title (kanji)アクション52
Publisher/Vertrieb Active Enterprises / Ed Bogas
GenreMultigame Collection
Alle Screenshots anzeigen Action 52 is an unlicensed NES multicart consisting of fifty-two original games released by Active Enterprises. It has become notorious for the poor quality of virtually all games in the collection, with many crashing during normal gameplay. The games span multiple genres, including platformers, beat 'em ups, and space shooters.
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US Titel Cheetah Men II
JAP Titelチーターマン2
Publisher/Vertrieb Active Enterprises / Ed Bogas
Alle Screenshots anzeigen This game from Active Enterprises is an unreleased sequel to The Cheetahmen, one of the fifty-two poorly received games from the NES multicart Action 52. The game is unfinished and features a number of game-breaking bugs.
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