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Nebula (
OS: Windows
Version: 2.25b
Date: 19 February 2007
Size: 2384 Kb
File: Download
Nebula is one of the best CPS1,CPS2, NeoGeo, NeoGeo CD and PGM emulator. All systems are perfectly emulated! Nebula has GUI similar to NeoRageX and tons of cool features!
OS: Windows
Version: 2005.12.25
Date: 25 December 2005
Size: 241 Kb
File: Download
Great NGCD emulator. It has a lot of nice features as well as good compatibility and speed.
NeoRaine (
OS: Windows
Version: 1.4.3
Date: 16 June 2013
Size: 2142 Kb
File: Download
Nice NeoGeo CD emulator based on RAINE. It has great GUI, nice compatibility and support various formats of the CD images (bin+cue, iso+mp3, direct file access).
OS: Windows
Version: 0.64.6
Date: 9 August 2015
Size: 2234 Kb
File: Download
RAINE is like a junior brother of MAME. It's a multisystem arcade emulator. Inintially RAINE supported only one game - Rainbow Islands (thats why it's called RAINE). Nowadays it supports over 400 games! Most of them are games from Japanese companies Taito, Jaleco,Irem and CPS1, CPS2 based games.
The emu has two different versions: DOS and Windows. DOS version is faster. But the emu itself is very fast (60 fps on 300 Mhz processor) and the difference will be significant only for users with low end PCs. Both versions have perfect GUI, joysticks, zipped roms support and many more other cool features.


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