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US title Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge
Release year1990
Publisher/Maker Distinctive Software / Konami
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge Get ready for ragged edge racing against 16 of America's hardest charging drivers, including the speed burning master - Bill Elliot! Inches from the wall you'll need awesome driving and shifting skills, as you scream around the fastest tracks on the NASCAR Circuit in a stock car so real you can feel it in your fingers. Choose from authentic super speedways like Daytona and Talladega, or wild and twisty road courses like Watkins Glen. There's plenty of spin-outs and pit stops, and even 200 mph duels for the pole position! So Shift! Brake! And Accelerate! And don't forget your high speed strategies, drafting down the straightaways, sling-shotting out in the turns and finding the groove for the checkered championship! For 1 player only. Coming spring 1990. [1989 Konami pamphlet]
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge
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