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US title North & South
Japanese titleNorth & South -Wakuwaku Nanboku Sensou
Japanese title (kanji)ノース&サウス わくわく南北戦争
Release year1990
Publisher/Maker Kemco
North & South A very fun and adictive game. You can play as the north (easy) or south (harder). You move your army in a board style map. Increase your revenue by extending your railroad or better: steal the train of your enemy. When two units meets there is a battle sequence. Both armies have artillery (press the A button until it gets the desired power and release it for crushing power!), release the calvary and break havok the enemy lines or use your infantry for defense... you have to switch between the distint types of units with the B button... in real time!. One of the must funny parts of the games is to take the enemy fort or trains (platform like). 5/5
North & South North & South North & South
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