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US title Top Gun - The Second Mission
Japanese titleTop Gun - Dual Fighters
Japanese title (kanji)トップガン デュアルファイターズ
Release year1989
Publisher/Maker Konami
Top Gun - The Second Mission You earned your wings in TOP GUN. Now let's see if you can keep them in a second mission that's ten times more deadly than the first. Soaring against an Armageddon bound armada of planes, tanks, ships and satellite laser beams, every ounce of your skill and courage will be drained. You'll also have the option of confronting the enemy's finest pilots one-on-one. Or challenge a friend to a no-missiles-barred dogfight for air superiority. No matter how you fly it, you'll pull serious G's in a fighter capable of doing rolls, loops and Mach 2.5. Featuring simultaneous play for 2 players or play against the computer. [1989 Konami pamphlet]
Top Gun - The Second Mission Top Gun - The Second Mission
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