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Game name
Size, Kb
Far East of Eden - Kabuki Klash / Tengai Makyou - Shin Den P
Fatal Fury - King of Fighters / Garou Densetsu - shukumei no tatakai P
Fatal Fury 2 / Garou Densetsu 2 - arata-naru tatakai P
Fatal Fury 3 - Road to the Final Victory / Garou Densetsu 3 - haruka-naru tatakai P
Fatal Fury Special / Garou Densetsu Special (set 1) P
Fatal Fury Special / Garou Densetsu Special (set 2)
Fight Fever (set 1) P
Fight Fever (set 2)
Fighters Swords (Korean release of Samurai Shodown III)
Football Frenzy P


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